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SystemGuard Pro

4.6 ( 736 ratings )
Geliştirici: Robert Tkotzyk
1.99 USD

Are you sure your iPhone or iPad is fine?
Do you want to protect your iOS device and improve the performance?
To do so, youre going to need SystemGuard - a powerful mobile security and system status app.

SystemGuard is pioneer in iOS security matters: The application detects your devices system and security state based on multiple test conditions.
SystemGuard also provides system and general device information, such as CPU and memory usage, your disk space, network details and more.

• No advertisements
• Today widget
• NEW: Apple Watch app & complication

• Monitor system status
• Provide up to date system & security info
• Monitor CPU & RAM usage
• Monitor and provide general device information
• Widget including info about CPU & RAM usage

If you have a question or request, please feel free to send us an e-mail or tweet us (@SystemGuardApp). We will respond to your query and if you encounter any issue, we will resolve it as soon as possible.

Please note: SystemGuard won’t compromise your device’s security. SystemGuard uses publicly available functions in accordance to the App Store guidelines of Apple. Keeping your device up to date is important for privacy protection.

If you find our mobile security and system status useful, please share our app to your friends and relatives and please leave a rating and review on our App Store page. Thank you!